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1.Using Postman call /data/TABLENAME/deep-save with a json body of nested json object. Im expecting for the TABLENAME to be created and then all the nested Tables to be created and all data saved.

Actual Behavior

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“code”: 8002,
“message”: “Could not parse request with message: , status code 404, headers POST /028478E5-1D0D-013B-FF2C-05D67BCC6B00/68BA6AEC-8711-4991-84FC-FC5AD5CFFE04/data/incident/deep-save”,
“errorData”: {}

Little more detail:
Postman POST to with large nested json body.

“code”: 6037,
“message”: “You are trying to interact with ‘File Service’ and missed required param ‘url’ or you used wrong URL for interact with other Backendless service.”,
“errorData”: {}

Could you please provide the full json payload which you send to the backendless server.

Here is my test incident record, thanks for helping.
Incident_single.txt (131.2 KB)

Im looking for a REST version and a Node JS SDK version of importing this json into the Backendless database.

Hi Chris,

The Deep-Save API requires that a schema is pre-created in the database. Have you already done that?


Ok - I have created a Person table and an Address table and have used deep-save to populate both tables using the JS SDK. Works well.

const person = {
name: ‘Bob’,
age : 30,
homeAddress: {
city : ‘aaaaa’,
country: ‘bbbbb’

If I change “homeAddress” to homeAddress12345" the save works but I dont get an error stating that “homeAddress12345” dont exist. Is there a way to be notified of missing tables using deep-save?

Also - If I run deep-save with a missing field (non relationship table) I get this error - as expected

message: “Deep save exception. Column ‘name2’ in table ‘Person’ does not exists. All tables and columns must be present in the database before a transaction is executed.”,

But for missing relation fields - i dont get any error.

Hi @Chris_Jackson !

Sorry for inconvenience. I have created internal ticket BKNDLSS-25843 for this problem. We will notify you when this problem will be fixed.

Regards, Andriy