REST POST to Table with related fields

Apologies for the topic as I am sure that this has been covered, but the closest topic I could find was from 2020 which spoke to functionality not yet implemented.

I have a table “Family_Members” which has two related tables - Family and Users - through the fields FamilyID and UserID respectively. When trying to perform a post, I have the schema which includes the objectID of the FamilyID field and the objectID from the UserID fields (the two which link to the respective tables).

When running the POST I get a positive result, but the records are saved as blank entries ? How / What is the correct syntax to create a record with relationships as passing in the objectIDs does not seem to work?


Hello @Mike_Breare

Please read the following documentation. It describes your case. You can also watch the tutorial video.


Thanks for this - With a little bit of manipulation and discovery I got it to work :slightly_smiling_face: