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Restaurant App Question


I am building a restaurant app and need to store my image urls in a backendless database. Then I would like these images to pull through and be shown via my frontend container, App Gyver. I will also need to limit access to some of the images behind a paywall.

What’s the best way to go about it? I haven’t been able to find any documentation.


Hi Armando,

You can restrict access to non-authenticated users (those who have not logged in) using folder permissions. You can read about it at:



Thanks, Mark. This is very helpful. Two follow up questions for the Support team:

  1. Can you point me in the direction for setting up a paywall?
  2. Can you explain or point in the direction to discover more info on what a validator is in the database schema framework? I’m not sure if I need one or not…


Armando, the first question is a bit outside of Backendless support, this is what our project development team focuses on. I’ll give you some pointers though:

  • a paywall could be a redirect to a page where you explain that the feature is accessible for a certain level of membership or with payment.

  • a validator is a regular expression used to make sure the data in the object saved/updated in the database matches the required format.