I can't login after restoring password

I use iOS SDK and use code to restore password:

[backendless.userService restorePassword:email response:^(id responce) {
 } error:^(Fault *fault) {}]

After that I see in my email the new letter with new password, but after that I can’t login with this new password (I get error message = Invalid login or password, details = Invalid login or password, errorCode = 3003) (but when I try to login with previous password, everything is OK).

My application ID is : “1B37D979-5E8E-ECC0-FFAE-FA3BE488E600”
I tried to recover email for user facechat@mail.ru
The last New Password from recovery email was: xAaq7ZCr

Hi Pavel!

Sorry for this inconvenience.
We will let you know once the service had been patched with a fix.


Thank you for a quick response.

Looking forward to hearing news from you

Can you give approximate time when this function is ready? (because we want to send the update of the application to the app store)

Hi Pavel!

This issue already resolved. Could you try it again please.


Yes, now it works, thank you