Restrict specific devices to access the debug mode, and all others to production

I was running the server project in debug mode, and working on an API service that’s already in production(I needed to enhance it and add additional logic), but I noticed that all devices requests are invoked to the debug mode API service.

let’s say I have an API service called “register” and it is deployed, and I need to work on this API service in debug mode, and all clients should have access to “register” API that’s on production, and a specific device to access the API on debug mode, for developing and testing purposes.
how can I accomplish this behavior?

Hello @adel_kasno,

I would suggest you use different deployment models for production and development purposes.
If you run in debug mode one deployment model, all others will not be affected and will be available for your users regardless of what you are doing locally.

Please follow this documentation about deployment models:

Also having a clone of your application would be a good solution for you. One is for production, and one is for dev purposes.