"result is not defined" error on file upload

Just getting start with the Files API in javascript, so created some test pages before using it in my app.
I am using the code form this page: File Upload - Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation

if(fileList != null){
	Backendless.Files.upload( fileList, "uploads" )
	.then( function( fileURLs ) {
	   console.log( "File successfully uploaded. Path to download: " + result.fileURL );
	.catch( function( error ) {
	   console.log( "error - " + error.message );

Whenever I run it I am getting the error “result is not defined”. However the file is being uploaded.
Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Found it - there is no “result”.
Should just be logging fileURLs

*feeling stupid *

Hello @Tony_Goodchild

That is not your fault. I am looking into the example of code and find it is not completed.

Thank you for informing us about your problem, we will fix it as fast as possible. But for now, if you say what want to do, I try to help you.

Regards, Dima