Retrieve Backendless image URL column and return as UIImageView (Swift)

I am using Koloda View ( to have a swiping animation for my iOS application. However, at the moment the application uses images from the assets folder in Xcode.
I want to be able to use images that are stored within the backendless database as URL Strings.
As shown here
The code currently in the project which displays the Koloda view is as follows:
extension BackgroundAnimationViewController: KolodaViewDataSource {
func kolodaNumberOfCards(koloda: KolodaView) -> UInt {
return numberOfCards
func koloda(koloda: KolodaView, viewForCardAtIndex index: UInt) -> UIView {
return UIImageView(image: UIImage(named: “cards_(index + 1)”))
}Research from previous Stack questions brought up the following: Add/remove dynamically koloda views
However, the user uses his own personal database to retrieve images.
I would like to retrieve the URL from backendless and turn this into an image to put onto the UIImageView & Show the next user when swiped either way.
Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Hi Brandon,

You can retrieve the image’s URL String using our Data Service, but the download logic should be written separately in your application.