Retrieve data based on data model

I want to retrieve the table data based on the data model class.
How can I do this?


please describe you problem in more details. What does your class model look like, what language are you using, what have you tried and what aren’t working out for you?

data class ProductsModel(
var id: Int?,
var thumbnail: String?,
var title: String?,
var content: String?) {
constructor(): this(0,"", "", "")}

this is my data model class in the android project.
in the backendless table, I have 3 columns That include photos, title, and description.
I want to retrieve table values based on this model and set in recyclerview.
code language is kotlin

Hi @saeed_noshadi

Please see the Object Retrieval documentation.

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Please show me a sample code. i cant do this

there is in the doc already is a sample code, please go step by step and I believe you will handle it

Regards, Vlad

I can recommend you start from here
and go down to study Backendless Data Service

I couldn’t find any solutions.
I wanna to get data from the table based on data model class and show into reycylerView

what have you tried and where have you stuck?
are you able to retrieve data from the server?

no. I don’t know which backendless command to use. I know backendless has a command for retrieve table data to form of List but this is not useful to me.i need retrieve data to form of List that I can parse ProductModel class into recyclerView

once you retrieved data from the server (from Data Table you need) you will able to modify this data and then display it on your app as you need

how to retrieve data from the server is described in our docs, link to the docs is provided in the previous answers