Retrieve data with API, am I missing the point?

Task: Retrieve Related Data With API

I feel like I completed the task, but I may have misinterpreted the instructions. URL:

There is the name of the Person + cityOfResidence in the database, but the mission is not completed on my end. Am I missing something?

Hi, @Giorgio_Barilla

Before starting this task, make sure that API-tracking is enabled.
In order to complete the mission, make sure that you have added to the query where clause which are given in the task description
WhereClause('name = \'Joe\'')
All fields from the City table should also be displayed.
I’ll leave you the docs for the REST API, maybe you’ll find it easier to perform this task with it.

Single Step Retrieval - Backendless REST API Documentation


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Oh I just missed the where clause :slight_smile:

It worked, thanks!