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Retrieve image url using picasso library

(Kamohelo) #1

Hello I’m using the picasso library in my application to retrieve images from backendless.

It goes by.

//get image file from class

String image=class. get(position). getImage();

//Load image using the picasso image retriever

Picasso. with(context). load(“” +image). placeholder(R. mipmap.mipmap1).into(viewHolder.imageView1);

But the image I am trying to load is not loading. Despite the image directory being available inside my directory…

Have I made a mistake somewhere?

I’d like to resolve this issue as soon as possible

Name = kamo

(Mark Piller) #2

Have you checked if the final URL of the image is correct?
Have you checked if you can load the image using the same URL in a browser?
If that works, the problem must be somewhere outside of Backendless. I am not familiar with the picasso library, perhaps the issue is somewhere there.

(Kamohelo) #3

Yes I have used the url exactly as it is…

I’ll test the app on a different device then give you feedback