Retrieve Object With API - Get first object from table - logic block different from video and won't work

Hi, I’ve just started out on Backendless. The video for “Retrieve Object With API” shows a different logic block for “Get first object from table” than is available in Data API logic library. The current version has 4 more attribute sites ( relations, relations depth, properties and excluded properties). I’ve left these 4 properties blank. When I run Preview, no data is retrieved when I click the “get first person object” button.

Can you please offer some suggestions?


Hello @Tim_Gamage and welcome to our community!

Please provide a screenshot of your logic and network response(could be found in browser dev tools)
Also would be helpful if you provided container and page names where you face the problem.

Regards, Dima.

Hi Dima,

Thanks for the offer Dima. I worked through the problem a little earlier.

Kind regards Tim

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