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Retrieve relation in json

Hello, i have a question!
I set up two tables. The first table includes “name, status”.
The second table includes “user_id”. I set up a relation in the second table to the first one (name).

I add some data in the first table (“testname”).
Now i selected the data in the relation of the second table.

So the problem actually is, that if i retrieve data using REST-API i cant found the relation in the outpout.

I only can see the data of obejectID and user_ID but i need to retrieve the name of the column (name) of the first table which is in relation to the second table.

Thanks for you help!!!

Hi Fynn,

In order for the related object(s) to be included in the response, they must be explicitly specified in the request. Please see the following documentation for more info:
Single Step Retrieval - Backendless REST API Documentation