Retrieve relations like docs example

So I’m creating a one-to-many relation inside the Users table sort of like the contacts example provided in the docs. My question is, is it possible to retrieve all the users who have a particular user in their contacts? So instead of getting all the users in my phonebook, I want to know who has me in their phonebook. How would I do that?

I see in the tables when I create a new object relation, it adds a column labeled “Users.relationName” which would be what I’m looking for, but how do I retrieve this information?

Suppose there is a relation column called “friend”, the column points back to the Users table. To get all the user objects who have a specific user as their friend, you use the following whereClause:

friend.objectId = ‘objectId of the user who is the friend’


That was way easier than I made it out to be, thanks!