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Retrieving file reference data not correct

i have a column on the Users table that is of a file reference and when i retrieve it directly i get the full file path like so
however when i retrieve the column from relation i get only the last half of the file path like this /files/profile_pics/female.svg

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

I just tested it and I don’t see any issues

Could you please provide with us a minimal Codeless Logic and Data Schema to reproduce the problem

Regards, Vlad

im using codeless. here is a screenshot

look at the “pic” property. its the same on the first and second one. but not the same result.

Yes, I can reproduce the issue, and it’s not related to Codeless blocks, the problems comes from the server when you use Users[user_rating_link].pic as property. I’ve created an internal ticket to investigate it, BKNDLSS-21041.

Regards, Vlad