Retrive error message when more api calls than 50?

How can I retrive error message from server, when Android App will make more api calls/sec than 50 without buy extra api calls. For example in first 40 sec I made 3000 api calls and what will be happend in next 20 sec?

Hi Kacper,

After 3000 api calls you will get error like “Cannot process request - request per second limit has been exhausted”. You can bye “Additional 10 req/sec” function pack in marketplace. It is plus 600 api calls per minute.



Thank you for your answer. Doest this error have a special error code? I want to retrive error and display in my native language;)

The error code is 999.


Thank you Mark!
Maybe, can you create a topic on Backendless with description all of error code, becouse I’ve just found description for login, register, etc