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Return raw text(without double quotes) with codeless

(Mikhail Gerasimchuk) #1

Hi, I’m trying to return only the hello text without double quotes, and I can not do it. Has anyone encountered this problem?

My codeless service:

Actual result:


Expected Result


(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #2

Backendless always returns JSON as a result. so "hello" is a json representation of hello

(Mikhail Gerasimchuk) #3

Thanks for your answer.
Perhaps you know how I can get response without double quotes/change the response headers?

(Anton Govorushkin) #4

You can’t change the response type, but you can handle it on your side. There are lots of examples on the web, f.e.:


(Mikhail Gerasimchuk) #5

I do not have access to the client side.
I’m trying to verify the of my server for the callback api. To do this, I need in response to the VK POST request, return a string without quotes.

(Mikhail Gerasimchuk) #6

continue for lates post: