Returned response in JSON format

It will be so great if the returned response body was in JSON format instead of a custom class which should be named as the same name as the collection name in data server.

You can get JSON responses with the REST API.

The API for Android works with Java classes (naturally). Can you explain why you think that would be better?

Well JSON is much easier to parse and deal with. We know better what we’re gonna hande.

In fact I’m not quiet sure how the data from data server is assigned to our custom class. Does the arrangement of class members matters?

JSON is easier to parse than what?

With the approach where you create a class for every table, you do not need to parsing anything. Absolutely nothing. You just make an API call and get a collection of objects back. Zero parsing.

The arrangement of the class members does not better. As long as the name match, your objects will get the values.

Ok fair enough. It should be simple just as an api call. But what’s the problem of my call in this topic