Rich Text Box

Hi , is there a rich text box that the users can use, an enterable Paragraph would do.

I know there is the TextArea box, but the user cannot do bullet points or numbered lists in that.

If it is not available, (I see some other requests in the blog), is it in the plans?

Kind Regards

Hello @Bruce_X

I created an internal discussion ticket (BKNDLSS-24336) to consider adding such a block.

Brilliant, this would be very useful, if it gets approved please keep me in touch with the decision.

Are there any results of this discussion?
I can confirm that such a UI component is of great value. I want to offer my users a blogging feature. This would be very poor featurewise if I would just use the existing Textarea component. Blogging really makes only sense having a rich text fetaure.
The existing Paragraph component is really great, but not editable for my app users. It would be ok to deactivate the image and media insert feature there, because this opens up the risk of uncontrolled uploads.


Hello @Klaas_Klever

I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-25263 to add RichEditor to UI-Builder components.
Thanks for the improvement advice.

Regard, Viktor

Hi, is there any update on availability for this RichEditor component?

Hello @Ben_Sharif,

The ticket BKNDLSS-25263 is on our roadmap, right now it has the open status.
We’ll notify here as soon as this feature is added.