Route tracking map app

I was wondering if it would be possible to create an app using bubble that can record the users location in an interactive way? Im trying to make an app that tracks your sailing routes, speed… I’d want the user to then be able to see their path, and possibly see a color coated heat map showing their accelerations/deccelerations… Some similar examples would be apps like alltrails (the explore part), and slopes ski tracking. Also, would it be possible to connect a bluetooth Arduino to this? The Arduino would be used to send live info to the users phone saying the heel angle of the boat?


Backendless can definitely persist the data that would be needed to perform the calculations you are talking about. The majority of the functionality you’re describing would have to be in the frontend. Specifically, your frontend would need to have the following logic:

  1. Capturing user’s location information in real-time (or close to real-time)
  2. Saving the collected data in the database (we provide the API for that)
  3. Retrieving captured data (we provide the API for that) and visualizing according to the described rules (accelerations, decelerations, heatmaps, etc.)

Hope this helps.