Row Paging Limit


I am just wondering if the paging limit of records can be increased, hopefully to anything of my choice. For example the City table from the tutorials in my app has 4k+ rows in it, yet when I access it from the browser with……D7/data/City

I only get 10 rows.

Kind Regards
Bruce X

Hello @Bruce_X

You can set the number of objects to return using the pageSize parameter - Data retrieval with Paging.
For the Backendless cloud version, the maximum value is 100, the minimum is 1, the default is 10.

For my native app development I use Appgyver for the UI.

Appgyver can use Backendless for database very nicely but cannot do multiple calls for data. Is it possible to create a 1 call to retrieve a whole table with Business Logic. And if so, do you have an example (use the City table as an example please).

The following article describes how to do what you’re asking about: