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RT database update event control attributes

is there a way to only get the updated attribute instead of all the attributes?
i’m watching update event for the Users table and i don’t want all the object data to be sent. only one attribute


At the present moment the system is designed to send the entire object.


is there any plans to add that in the future? sending the whole User object is not a great security practice
and creating another table with one column and maintaining it is also an overhead work.

All connections are encrypted. The overhead argument is questionable, in personally doubt if there is any overhead.

Sharing the full user data with the client is the security issue Im referring to.
I only want the client to know the connection status attribute of the watched user.

and to create a table and maintain the data integrity and relationship with the Users table is an overhead compared to just adding single attribute to the Users table.
Dont you think so?

There are other mechanisms to know the connection status. For example, you could create a Cloud Code event handler which is notified when the client connects and from that event handler you can inform other connected clients about the connection status change:
Event Handlers - BL - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2020-07-28 08-53-06

I am using the event to update the users table with the connection status
Then I subscribe the client to the users table so he have a real time users connection status.
Hope my approach is clear.

All Is working. But the sharing of the hole user object is bothering me.

I have created internal discussion BKNDLSS-22334 for the issue

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