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RT limit error

I am currently on the developers option and on it’s preview the RT limit for that plan is 100.

But the problem is I have not gotten to 20 let alone get to the limit, and at a certain point of my app running it crashes. Debugging the error nd I find.

RT subscription limit reached {limit 10}.

Can someone please explain what’s happening to me plz

Hello @Yomade_Stephens

Looks like you mixed two limits, on your billing plan you’ve got:

  • connections limit = 100 - This is the number of concurrent real-time connections with the backend all instances of your app can have.
  • subscriptions limit = 10 - This is the number of real-time listeners (for create/update/delete events in RT database or channel listeners in RT messaging) a single client app instance can create.

So, make sure you don’t have more than 10 listeners simultaneously.

Regard, Vlad

Am guessing this problem is not associated with backendless pro.

Yes, if you have BackendlessPro you can control all the limits, although in PRO there is no billing limits there is a default subscriptions limit = 30, and you can change it by the following url http://localhost:8500/ui/#/dc1/kv/config/rt-server/defaultSubscriptionsLimit/edit

Aiit Tanx @vladimir-upirov

Can anyone please give me a full documentation of how to migrate to backendless pro

Everything I need to know please. Everything

There is no docs for it, but there is nothing specific that you need to do. Here is general workflow:

  1. Make archieve of you files (in Files section) and unzip it in your Pro version app.
  2. Export data and schema from cloud app and import it into pro version app.
  3. Deploy your business logic into pro version app.

If you’ll have any questions regarding those three steps, please ask me.