RT Upsert / Create Listener

Good day.

Can someone please point me in the right direction.

I am “exploring” the RT Listeners to see if it will work for my use case, which I believe it will.

I am just struggling to find info on this.

Please help me with below, very basic testing still


When I add data via console the create (listener2) works and I get the object in console. But the Upsert listener (Listener1) doesn`t give me an object, whether I create or update an object.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong, or even better, if you can point me to some documentation or video regarding all the RT API it would be awesome!

Thank you

Hello @Frans_Fourie!

You are doing everything correctly, but the RT Data Upsert Listener block is waiting for such a request:
PUT /:applicationId/:apikey/data/:tableName/upsert

You can also send such a request using the Upsert Object in Backendless block:


Hi Alexander.

Thank you for your response. I assumed any insert or update event will trigger the upsert RT. I’ll dive deeper into it. Is there any documentation you can refer me to maybe?



Unfortunately, there is no RT documentation yet, but you can always ask a question in this forum and we will be happy to help you!


Okay no problem, thank you for your assistance. I’ll ask if there is anything else

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