RT with multiple tables does not work

Hi, I’m facing an issue in listening to data tables in flutter(dart)
I use backendless sdk with my flutter app, if i want to listen to single table i can assign listeners to all kinds (update, add relation …)
But when i make new handler to different table and tries to assign listener of any kind it does not work, and in code printed in debug section although i specify different table with new handler it shows that the handler is to the first table not to the new one and does not work.

So suppose i have two tables,
handler1>> data.of(‘table1’).rt().addUpdateLi…

And then second handler>>

Only the first handler works, if i remove the first the second will work.
(Each handler to different table)

So simply, when i work with handler to single table, all of its listeners will work properly, but when i make a new handler to different table it doesn’t work, just the firstly created one will work.

I hope this can be fixed
thanks :blush:

Hello, @Anas_Eshtaiwi.

Can you specify this problem exists for android or ios?

Best Regards, Nikita.

I’m talking about android, I haven’t tried it on iOS.

Ok, thank you. I will check this case.