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Running Flutter app, developed in Android studio for Web as well as Android?

As you know Flutter BETA is now expanding beyond iOS and Android, and is now mostly capable of running on web as well.
Has anyone solved the problem of running it with Backendless?
The problem, it seems, stems from within the Backendless.initApp since it figures it out the platform isn’t ( as provided through an ANDROID_API_KEY ) Android anymore but something else, and then stops working.

Same problem I would imagine comes if one wants to build it for iOS as well.
So… Are there and solutions provided for multi-platform programming that Flutter supports?
Anyone figured out a patch or a nice function I could use instead?
Maybe something along the lines of a different initApp which would take more API_KEYs at once and then just call the right one according to the platform it is running on?

Hi @hoornet

Flutter SDK currently supports Android and iOS. Basically it is a plugin package that use Android SDK and Swift SDK underneath.
We consider to add Web support to our Flutter SDK in the next few months. So stay tuned!)

Best Regards,

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it would be awesome if you do!
Since I first realized that Flutter app developed on one machine is a thing which will actually work well on various platforms I believe Backendless has an incredible opportunity here, if it choose to support it well.
I mean… it’s like a concept written directly on the Backendless origin design almost! I think it would shoot Backendless directly into the sky of popularity like rarely seen in dev world if you are one of the first companies who manage to do this AND do it very well of course.
Otherwise… there’s Google to take that train away completely, I’m afraid. And it would be a real shame.