Running my app via Backendless using my personal domain

Good Day all,

Im going to phrase this question in layman’s terms, for fear of not using the correct terminology, I have built my app in the UI Buidler, all is working perfectly, I have used the flutter shell and launched a version to Google Play Store, all working brilliantly. My last step is to use my private domain to access the web elements of the app, as there are both mobile sections as well as Web based sections. I have already created a link from my wordpress site to my login link…

Yet again it all works perfectly, my question is how do I use custom URL’s for all my pages for instance, This is purely to provide a ‘Finished’ product to my customers.

Your assistance as always is appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Raymond Woodley

In web-gui go to the section:
Mange → App Settings → Custom Domains

There you can attach your domain to the app.

Hi Raymond,

There are two options available for you:

  1. Host the web app created with UI Builder on your server. To do this, you can publish your UI Container in UI Builder, zip up the folder where you published the app and move/unzip the file to your web host. The custom domain would be assigned to your server and the UI files will be served by it as well.


  1. Assign a custom domain to your Backendless app as Oleg described in the previous post. This way the frontend will be served by Backendless through your domain name. Please keep in mind that in order to get an SSL certificate for your own domain, you would need to be on the Cloud99 plan.


Thanks to both of you appreciate your help.