Running preview triggers my anti-virus program

Hi all,
A strange thing is happening – running preview triggers my anti-virus program.

Hi Ramon,

Could you please copy the following URL as text and send it to me via email?


Hi Mark,
Unfortunately I cannot copy the link. The URL seems to point to one of my folders and the links to images are broken.

This one popped up when I was browsing the backend. This is a different URL though.

Looks like the anti-virus is reporting false positives. It is your file repo and you own the content, clearly, there is no phishing there. It would be worthwhile to ask antivirus support for clarification.


Another weird thing is that the image links are broken on the pages that I tested. They look OK on the UI builder.

I also found this JPG —

The link for the image opened just fine for me:

I turned my web scanner off. I don’t like that but that is the only way to proceed. Thanks for your help.

We’d love to help, however, the answer to the question of why it happens can be answered only by the antivirus vendor.

Hi @Ramon_Reyes ,

As I can see from your previous screenshots your app uses generated domain in the UI Builder preview. It seems to me that Backendless also should generate links using app-specific generated domain. Could you please give more details about way in which you obtain links for the images which use domain? We need this information for the further investigation of this case. Thanks in advance.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks for responding. At the moment I worked around this issue by turning off Avast, which leaves me exposed.

I guess the links are generated when I use the file picker – the arrow points to it. is that the app-specific link you were referring to?
Ramon Reyes

@Ramon_Reyes ,

Thank you for clarification.
I have created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-29461 to fix this problem. An image block should generate link which will use an application generated domain instead of the general content domain.

Regards, Andriy