RxSwift and Banendless API

I am trying to wrap Backendless with RxSwift. Every time I make a call, Backendless just hangs. Help appreciated. Thanks,

Here is where method is being called from:

And it just hangs:

With the account being created

Update, I removed the code for Backendless code in the observable, and the flatmap in the Observable sequence is triggered. It is definitely tied to the Backendless code. I tested both with the SubscribOn, and with it commented out.

Hi Michael,

We will look into it and let you know.


The internal ticket BKNDLSS-21724 is created for this issue.
@Michael_Iverson could you please provide a simple sample project that reproduces the issue (not a screenshot).


Hello - I’ve copied a simple test project in which the flatmap callbacks don’t seem to be called, but the user is created, and the Backendless user creation seems to work:

BackendlessRxswiftTest.zip (607.3 KB)

Thank you!
I’ll check it as soon as possible.


Well, that’s what I’ve made and found:

I’ve added the debug() before the flatMap() to check if it’s ok.

And that’s what we see:


everything is disposed - that’s why onCompleted() isn’t called.

  1. I’ve tried to remove the .disposed(by: disposeBag) line.
  2. And now we have this:

As you can see we are not disposed before the event is completed (or failed in this case):

I’m not familiar with RxSwift but I’ve found some discussions and decided just to check without dispose.

According to this, I assume the issue is not on the Backendless side but on the RxSwift dispose logic.


Thank you very much! We really appreciate you looking into this, and sorry to have bothered on it, since it does indeed clearly be an issue with our RxSwift implementation. We will look into it further on our end, and thank you again. This issue can be closed.