Sample app

I’m new in android dev. I need to get your help. After watching video tutorials, i tried to make the same app. DB was created. All my coding was “see - retype this”. I was faced with the following problem: everywhere where there was “R.layout…” i got “cannot resolve symbol R” After using Alt+Enter i got “import;”

How to solve this?

Did you get a complete application as shown in the video? Can you run that one without any changes?


Yes, I did. Sure, without changes it works, but I need something other. I want to show on a client a list of name of all tables in DB. I created the new table, add column “Name”, add here all other tables:</img>After that all i need to do - it’s make a little change in RestrauntAdapter and RestrauntListingActivity(and *.xml files). Main problem consist in everywhere where exist line “R.layout.” Android Studio autoadds “import” but it’s from your project.

In other words, what should I do to make my project to use its own R?

It’s done. I shouldn’t to copypaste all your code. Android Studio adds all the lines of code with the properties of your project. Need to replace “R.layout.login” -> “com.backendless.busstation.login.R.layout.login”

Glad you got it resolved!