Sandbox in backendless

Can I create sandbox in backendless tо be sure that my changes is correct and do not cause inconvenience to users?


you can clone your app for this. Here is a video on what it is and to do it:


But if I create a lot of codeless methods in clone app, can I copy-paste these methods in first app?

Unfortunately, no.

This would be helpful for enterprise customers of Backendless. We use a DEVELOP. STAGING, and Production versions of our app. We just successfully eliminated using 80% of our JS code using Codeless, but trying to get it to STAGING or Prod introduces a serious quality issue.

Hi @John_Johansen

Yes, I agree, copying Codeless logic would be definitely helpful feature.
In version 6.0 (which is not released yet) we’ve already implemented copying Codeless logic between different Codeless Designers within the same app and the same browser page.
And also we’re discussing a way to download/deploy it back like it works for JS.

We will notify you about result here, ticket number for ref: BKNDLSS-20355

Regards, Vlad

Any thought on why Codeless puzzle pieces randomly disappear sometimes while editing? It feels like the realtime edits to the XML file are the source of the issue.

Looking through support tickets, I understand that there is not yet any true support for development vs production environments in Codeless. Meaning that we would have a Springboard Plan app as a dev environment and a Pro app as a production environment and we would be able to sync changes between the two, with Codeless blocks populating automatically.

Is something like that in the works?

Hello @Andreas_Marinopoulos

You can try App to App Deployment

Regards, Vlad

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Excellent @vladimir-upirov !