Save An Object Swift iOS

I would like to save a string into Users class in backendless but the documentation seems confusing .

Hi Khoo,

There is no such thing as “Users” class. You should use the BackendlessUser class. The class provides method to set a property, it is called just that: “setProperty”. Once you set a property, you can save the object with the save API.


what if the one of the user column is a custom string i that created

Currently i am using facebook login but i wanna set the a column that i created which is displayName as the name of the facebook user

Hi Khoo,

Here is a function implementing you scenario:

    func setCustomProperty(var user: BackendlessUser) {
        Types.tryblock({ () -> Void in
            // - user update
            user.setProperty("hobby", object: "skating")
            user = self.backendless.userService.update(user)
            NSLog("UPDATED USER: %@", user.objectId)
            catchblock: { (exception) -> Void in
                NSLog("FAULT: %@", exception as! Fault)

You can investigate a doc (see ‘Swift’ bookmarks):

Also you can investigate this sample projects from our public github:


Please see this comment in another thread -

Hope it will be helpful for you.

can the displayName in the column be map to the facebook name ?

func easyFacebookLogin() {

    let backendless = Backendless.sharedInstance()

    var fieldsMapping: [NSObject : AnyObject] = ["id": "facebookId", "name": "name", "birthday": "birthday", "first_name": "first_name", "last_name": "last_name", "gender": "gender", "email": "email" ]


    backendless.userService.easyLoginWithFacebookFieldsMapping(fieldsMapping, permissions: ["public_profile", "user_friends", "email", "user_photos"],

        response: {(result : AnyObject!) -> Void in


            print("Succefully Login With Facebook")

            print ("Result: \(result)")



        error: { (fault : Fault!) -> () in

            print("Failed Login With Facebook")

            print("Server reported an error: \(fault)")




var fieldsMapping: [NSObject : AnyObject] = ["id": "facebookId", "displayName": "name", "birthday": "birthday", "first_name": "first_name", "last_name": "last_name", "gender": "gender", "email": "email" ]

That why i am thinking but after i change it say could not apporve social account

Really, you got a server response ‘could not approve social account’, but what is ‘displayName’? Indeed Facebook account has this field? I know it has ‘fisrt_name’ field, and code

             easyLoginWithFacebookFieldsMapping:@{@"email":@"email", @"first_name":@"name"}
             response:^(id response) {
                 //response - NSNumber with bool Yes
                 NSLog(@"Login: (Facebook) result = %@", response);
             } error:^(Fault *fault) {
                 NSLog(@"%@", fault.detail);

works fine.

as you can see name:name from facebook login returns null

Yes, this bug already is fixed, new version will be released after weekend, we will let you know about.

kk thanks