Save and Update Button is not working in Driver Booking System Blueprint

Hi, Save Button(Add New vehicle) and update(Edit vehicle) Button is not working when I tried to add new vehicle in Vehicles through admin login.Can you please check? Thank you!!
App Id : 5A8E5BBC-F2C6-A06E-FF27-45B5FD56B800
Steps followed:
1.Login as Admin.
2.Go to vehicle.
3.Click on Add new vehicle.or Click on Edit vehicle.
4.After entering info Click on Save(in Add new vehicle) or Update Button(Edit vehicle)

Hi @Sayali_Shinde,

Have you changed anything on the logic side or in the database (Backend section)? What error do you see in the console? Or what is the response to the request?


Hi, No I havent changed anything in logic side or database.I am not able to see any error message. Thank you!!


I was not able to reproduce the issue in your app. Make sure that all fields contain data. The only thing I would improve on this page is the validation of required fields. We will discuss this with the team.


Ok !!! It will be helpful if you provide the validation of required fields.Thank you.

@Sayali_Shinde, we appreciate you pointing that out to us.


Thank you so much!!