Save True Boolean Properties to New Table

This is probably nothing for you actual programmers but for me … I’m struggling LOL. So what I’m trying to do is save true boolean properties to new table. What I mean by that is this …

  1. Select an option in a dropdown box that will be saved in a table that will be associated with checkbox options. This part works … kinda.
  2. Selected checkboxes gets saved with option from dropdown box. I can’t get the selected checkbox to save. I have been able to get the “first” to save with the dropdown option name but that’s it.

Attaching screenshots. The first one works because it’s just pulling the first but I can’t figure out how to get “selected” boxes and then saving multiple “selections” to another table. Hopefully I’m making sense.

Hello @Stephen_Elkins

Could you provide a UI example, please? How should everything work on the front end?



I’ve created an example:
Person Table

Chores TAble

UI structure (container is repeater)

Page Enter:

On Select Change:

Repeater logic:

Checkbox logics:

Save button:

Hey Viktor! I got it to work!!! I removed the “where clause” from Page Enter. Maybe I won’t need that? Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You truly helped me out big time!