Saving data to database

Hi there,

I was following the video for saving data to database ( but the relationship part completely lost me.

Right now i just want to save 3 fields into the database but I don’t know exactly how to do that.

Appreciate your guide on this.

Hello @Rodrick_Miranda

Doesn’t the “Save Object” block work for you? do you have any errors?

nothing happens, no error no database change.

try to add Print blocks to see where it gets stuck

I think i did it

great to see that!

I think i did the Print block, but still no result, no display in the print block and no new record in the database :sweat_smile:

Hm, I thought you got what you wanted =)

I do not see any Print block on the screenshot

I add a new container for the Text block before the fields and named: status. Do i need to add anything else?

no, I was talking about the Print codeless block

UI Builder - aa11aa - Backendless 2022-06-28 15-24-04

Do you see any errors in the browser’s dev tool?