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Saving new object results in FaultCode 1000 (.NET)

(Justin Coschi) #1

Trying to save an object to Backendless results in an error with:
FaultCode: “1000”
Message: “Entity with the specified ID cannot be found: Id - missing id”
Details: “Entity with the specified ID cannot be found: Id - missing id”

 _customer = new Customer
 FirstName = "Sterling",
 LastName = "Archer",
 PhoneNumber = "123-456-7890",
 Email = "",
 StreetAddress = "123 Spud Ave",
 City = "New York",
 Province = ontario,
 PostalCode = "P0T 4T0"

 //create test customer in Backendless
 _customer = await Backendless.Persistence.Of<Customer>().SaveAsync(_customer);

The Province is being retrieved successfully, that’s not the issue. The SaveAsync() method is:

 public static async Task<T> SaveAsync<T>(this IDataStore<T> dataStore, T entity) where T : BaseDataObject
 return await Task.Run(() =>
 var task = new TaskCompletionSource<T>();

 var asyncCallback = new AsyncCallback<T>(response =>
 }, error =>
 task.SetException(new Exception($"{error.FaultCode}: {error.Message}"));

 Backendless.Persistence.Of<T>().Save(entity, asyncCallback);

 return task.Task;

And BaseDataObject just contains ObjectId, Created, etc properties that all Backendless objects have.

It’s only saving new objects. Saving existing objects still appears to work.

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Justin,

The problem should be resolved on the server, however, if it still happens for you please make sure to get the latest assembly from: