Saving the field in the table does not work

I want to save data in a table field, but saving does not work. The object is created, but the fields remain empty Why?

Hi Evgeny,

Here’s a visual explanation of why it does not work:

What I recommend is

  1. create an object first
  2. assign it to a variable
  3. set all the properties to that object
  4. save it in the database

Hope this helps.



Of course, I did not save the data after setting the values))))
Mark, Thank you very much!!! Still found a method how to simplify request.

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You got it! Making codeless logic compact is a lot of fun (IMHO)


you can actually get rid of the UserLogin variable and move the Save Object in Backendless block to the return connector.

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I’m just starting to deal with him, but I already understand what a powerful tool it is and how it facilitates the work. Thanks again!

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