Saving User Relation - "Cannot save entity with primitive collection property"

I want to save an object which has a relation to the user table:

 @IBAction func saveCommunityNameTapped(sender: AnyObject) {


        let user = self.backendless.userService.currentUser

        let selectedCompetition = allCompetitions[self.pickerView.selectedRowInComponent(0)]


        if (user == nil) {




        else { print(user.description) }


        //check if textfield is empty

        if (nameOfCommunityTextField.text != "") {


            let communityItem = Community(

                name: self.nameOfCommunityTextField.text!,

                welcomeText: self.welcomeTextBox.text!,

                members: [user],

                admin: user,

                competition: selectedCompetition



            let dataStore =


            // save object asynchronously



                response: { (result: AnyObject!) -> Void in

                    let obj = result as! Community

                    print("Contact has been saved: \(")


                error: { (fault: Fault!) -> Void in

                    print("Server reported an error: \(fault)")



            dismissViewControllerAnimated(true, completion: nil)


        } else {


            displayAlertWith("Please enter the name of your new Community")



I get:

Server reported an error: FAULT = ‘8044’ [Cannot save entity with primitive collection property adminOf] <Cannot save entity with primitive collection property adminOf>

Which is weird, because I don´t have that column in the user table.

My Community object looks like this:

class Community: NSObject {


    var name: String?

    var welcomeText: String?

    var admin: BackendlessUser?

    var member: [BackendlessUser]?

    var competition: Competition?


    init(name: String, welcomeText: String, members: [BackendlessUser], admin: BackendlessUser, competition: Competition) {

         = name

        self.welcomeText = welcomeText

        self.member = members

        self.admin = admin

        self.competition = competition



    override init() {





Hope you can help me.


Hi, Norman. We’ll check it out and get back to you.

I just printed the user description to console - adminOf seems to be part of my user class. I deleted that column a couple of days ago - maybe this could be related?

&lt;BackendlessUser&gt; {

    "__meta" = "{\"relationRemovalIds\":{},\"selectedProperties\":[\"created\",\"ownerId\",\"__updated__meta\",\"password\",\"adminOf\",\"imageURL\",\"name\",\"___class\",\"alias\",\"memberOf\",\"updated\",\"objectId\",\"email\"],\"relatedObjects\":{}}";

    adminOf =     (


    alias = "norm\U00c4n";

    created = "2016-04-12 12:09:17 +0000";

    email = "xxx";

    imageURL = 500;

    lastLogin = "2016-04-12 12:09:18 +0000";

    memberOf =     (


    name = "&lt;null&gt;";

    objectId = "5E8C40C8-160D-7200-FF6D-D969AA2ECA00";

    ownerId = "D78C479B-70FF-894D-FFEC-8BD2B3C55A00";

    updated = "&lt;null&gt;";

    "user-token" = "78D3BEFA-EFDC-D114-FF72-2BD13DFBE600";


So, is this fixed the issue?


If you deleted the column “adminOf” and there is no trace of it in the code and on the backend, I cannot think of a way this error would continue to occur.


but it does. i deleted the column a couple of days ago but the exception still exists. i dont know why the description still shows that property (same for memberOf)

Could you please let me know your application id?

application id 181FC865-17F8-A305-FF94-10DD5C2F9600

Norman, I connected to your app (you can see me in the Manage > App Settings > Dev team) and retrieved a user object. Here’s what I got (I changed email address).

<BackendlessUser> {

"___class" = Users;

"__meta" = "{\"relationRemovalIds\":{},\"selectedProperties\":[\"__updated__meta\",\"password\",\"created\",\"imageURL\",\"name\",\"___class\",\"alias\",\"ownerId\",\"updated\",\"objectId\",\"email\"],\"relatedObjects\":{}}";

"__updated__meta" = "{\"relationRemovalIds\":{},\"selectedProperties\":[\"lastLogin\",\"userStatus\",\"created\",\"imageURL\",\"name\",\"___class\",\"alias\",\"ownerId\",\"updated\",\"objectId\",\"email\",\"__meta\"],\"relatedObjects\":{}}";

alias = Norm;

created = "2016-04-08 15:26:47 +0000";

email = "";

imageURL = "&lt;null&gt;";

lastLogin = "2016-04-18 19:28:55 +0000";

name = "&lt;null&gt;";

objectId = "FC3E2C5B-677F-0A40-FFD9-56613C9EF900";

ownerId = "FC3E2C5B-677F-0A40-FFD9-56613C9EF900";

password = "&lt;null&gt;";

updated = "&lt;null&gt;";

userStatus = ENABLED;


Apparently this was caching issue - Resetting content & settings of my simulator solved the problem.

Very sorry for the inconvinience - and thanks!