Scale plan doesn't seem to be allowing activity

I just updated to the Scale billing plan after starting to call API’s on my program. After only calling API’s 7 times, my profile was blocked. I’m not sure why because according to the Scale plan, it can call many more API’s than this and my credit card information is updated… Can someone please assist me asap. We are planning on launching this this week and I can’t afford to lose the build information.

Here is the blocking message and the usage history:

@mark-piller following up on your request to post the issue. Thank you

Hi Austin,

The email message that you partially copied also contains the following, which is the most critical part:

Specifically, it means that the app exceeds the Business Logic deployment size. The “deployment size” limit is described on the pricing page, specifically here:

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in your app. To do this, navigate to the Manage > Billing and click the “Current Plan” button:

You will see the following popup:

The popup shows that your app uses 40MB of the cloud code (which includes all the dependencies), while the plan provides only 20MB out of the box.

The API calls you mentioned have nothing to do with the app being blocked. The only reason is exactly what the original email said:

Feature exceeding the limit: Business Logic deployment size

To solve this issue, you have two options:

  1. Remove any unnecessary dependencies to bring the total size of the cloud code to be less than 20MB


  1. Purchase an extension which will raise the 20MB limit. To do this, open the Marketplace and purchase the following extension:

Hope this helps.


Yeah it looks like this fixed the issue, thanks @mark-piller I don’t have a red “Urgent Issue” on the top right anymore so that must be a good sign.

Hey Mark how’s it going?

We are running into some snags on our build. I was wondering if you knew any developers that may be able to contract with my team to help us get through. Our issues are all with incorporating backendless to our CRM and Zapier logic.


Hello @Austin_moore

You could contact and we will help you.

Regards, Dima,

Hi Austin,

Send me an email, and let’s discuss how we might help.


Hey Mark,

I’m emailing you back per your comment on the forums. I have a write up from my team thats having issues but essentially its an issue creating the dashboard, pulling data into the dashboard.