Scale Price plan

Good day.

I would like some clarity on your new price plan, the Scale Plan.

I don’t seem to understand it quite well, does it mean that if in a day my app makes between 7000 and 10 000 calls within a certain minute of a 24hour cycle…I’ll be billed $230…and if this instance occurs on a daily basis for 30 days I will be billed ($230 * 30day) which is equal to $6 900 for that 30 day period?

Your speedy response in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Hello @Floyd_Legoana

Yes, you understand correctly. This politic forces you to make the load on a server more even and predictable. So if your 10,000 calls will be throughout a day, not a minute - it could be cut up to 30$ a month.

Regards, Dima.

Hello Dima…

here is a scenario, my app has 180 000 users and i need to send a document to all of them in my app, if 10000 of them login at the same time (all of them login within 1 minute) does this mean i will be charged $230 for that day? and also if this happens everyday does that mean i will be charged $230 * 30 days and my total bill for 30 days will be $6900?

Hi Floyd,

Your hypothetical is correct. However, in reality, it doesn’t happen like this, typically users response is spread out. Some additional considerations to apply here:

  • if you have 180,000 users and if they pay at least $1.00/month for your app, a bill of $6,900 for a system that fully powers your app is more than reasonable
  • to make it even more reasonable, whenever your monthly bill with Backendless approaches $900/month, there is an option to migrate your Backendless app to the self-hosted version using Backendless Pro which costs $10,000/year (if you prorate monthly, it is only $833/month)


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