Schema Export needs column type option

When exporting the schema of a table, it does not include the column type in the header in the format we can use on import, to pre-set the type of column.

Please consider adding this functionality, or as a 3rd export option (schema with types).

This will greatly speed tweaking and using the export to import and create other tables.


Hi @Will_Sargent !

You can export scheme information of table with column types by selecting “Include data types” option in “Export” tab. I think it should solve your problem. Could you please try and confirm that?

Regards, Andriy

Thanks Andriy! Confirmed that this works great. Should have read the docs more closely, and is now working for me!

I read include data types as “include things that are a type of data” rather than column configuration settings.


You are welcome!

I hope you will enjoy further work with Backendless

Regards, Andriy