Scope of Codeless Functions

  • The scope of Functions block (left UI Builders column – Logic) seems to be the same as Variables: only the event being coded.
  • The scope of Functions in the right UI Builders column (next to Handlers) seems to be the container, similar to scope of the App Data object.

It would be convenient to have Functions with the scope of the page, similar to the scope of the Page Data object.

  • Have I missed it?
  • Is there a workaround?
  • Is this worthy of a Codeless enhancement?
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Hi Jim,

There are no “page-scoped” functions. For that, you should use Custom functions (the ones located next to Handlers).


Mark, ‘Custom functions’ are the workaround I’ve used. The downside: if you copy a page from one container to another, you have to copy those functions too.

One more maintenance issue to deal with.

That’s correct, custom functions are scoped at the container level. We’re working on a feature that will let you publish functions to marketplace. This way you can easily share functions between the containers (and other developers too).