Script Error for page

Can not render page due to error: “Script error for “pages/sarSettings/components/5ea57a4572b4449547252c2bfbe76eeb/bundle.js” Common Errors
Error: Script error for “pages/sarSettings/components/5ea57a4572b4449547252c2bfbe76eeb/bundle.js”
Common Errors
at makeError (
at HTMLScriptElement.onScriptError (

pages - sarSettings

Hello @Sneha_Borkar

Seems like there are not enough files for some components

Could you please describe the steps to reproduce the issue?

Regards, Vlad

Ohh yess files were missing, its sorted now!!!
Thanks @vladimir-upirov

I assume you use the UI-Builder in a specific way, don’t you? =)
Do you modify source files manually?
I’m asking because we want to make all processes as easy as it possible and if it requires any manual modification in source files it means we have to think about the improvement

Ohh not really.
Actually I’m converting my current existing app from NA cluster to EU cluster.
So I was drag dropping my files manually.