SDK & Backendless Standalone Server updates

I wanted to verify that the most current / official release of the Android SDK is v3.0.14 release on 4/15/2016.

Same question but for the Backendless Standalone server?

Is there an more current version or can you give a rough estimate of when to start looking for the next release?

Hi Roy,

The latest Android SDK is 3.0.20. You can check the latest version here:

And the Standalone’s lates version is still 3.0.24. We’re currently working on a next version, and supposedly it will be available withing a month.
Overall, we usually don’t have a concrete release cycle for SDKs or for the server.

Is the maven repository where we should check for the latest official release of the Android SDK vs. the links found on the Backendless Download page?

We try to keep them both up to date, but the website version might be older sometimes.