Trims new line symbol

Hi guys,
I have a problem.
On server (backendless) I store some settings of my android app.
It is object with fields. Some of them contains new line symbol: “UltLbPhI1PI=\n”
But I can’t paste all string to my object. It’s trims string to “UltLbPhI1PI=”
Now my app crashes many times (((
How to fix it?

I want be able to store strings like on screenshot

Снимок экрана 2016-04-28 в 0.15.37.png

Hi Oleg,

Are these strings trimmed when you save with the API or in the console?


in the console

“\n” (as a new line symbol) must be the combination of 0x0A 0x0D. How would you enter it using console?

Please see video record:

I see, I will check with our JS devs to find out why it is happening.

Hi Mark, any updates?
I can create a workaround, but will be great if it be able to “work out of the box”

Hi Oleg,

It was added to the roadmap and assigned to a developer. Since it is not a high-priority item, it will be dealt with in the due course. If you have a workaround in mind, I recommend using it and not waiting for the fix.


Hi Mark,

Any updates on this?

I’ve run into the same problem. My custom table has a TEXT field that needs to store text containing new lines. No matter how I enter text into the console (copy/paste, upload from a csv) the new lines are removed.

Note that the data I imported from Parse retains it’s line breaks. That is, until I inspect and re-save it in Backendless. At that point the line breaks are stripped out.

Any idea when this will be fixed, or have I missed something about how to enter new lines? Seems like a fairly core feature of being able to store text. Would expect using ctrl-enter or something similar would allow me to enter a line break in the text i’m entering.



We will update production server on this week. We will notify you.

Amazing. Thank you!

Hi, just wondering if there’s any update on this?

I’ve noticed that you’ve implemented a multiline editor for the STRING data type but not for the TEXT data type.

Would be awesome if the multiline editor could be rolled out to the TEXT data type too. Feels like TEXT would benefit largely from the ability to add line breaks (given that STRING is limited to 500 characters and TEXT is ‘unlimited’ characters, and is therefore more likely to need line breaks) - also a feature that I need too :stuck_out_tongue:


This is done. You can access it in console as shown below:</img>

Hi Mark,

The image you posted shows a multiline editor for STRING data types. I was hoping the functionality would also be applied to TEXT data types.</img>

One step at a time… ))