See all properties in object (e.g. Page Data, form data, etc.)

Ok, this is a super noob question. I suspect that the answer will lie in Inspecting something in Chrome.

But, is there a simple way to see all of the properties that have been set in a given object, as well as their values? Codeless allows to easily get/set properties in things like App Data, Layout Data, Page Data, “form” Data, etc. Is there an easy way for me to view these objects to see what’s stored in them at any given time? That will help with learning and debugging…

The simplest way is to use the print block. You can pass anything to it - object, array, primitive value. The block prints the argument to the Console panel in the browser’s DevTools.

Here’s an example:
UI Builder - support - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2024-04-15 19-31-21

There is a shortcut to access the DevTools. I do not know what it is; I usually access it by right-clicking the page and selecting “Inspect”. Then open “Console”. This is what the logic above prints out:

Hope it helps.



You can open Developer Tools with the following shortcuts:



Open Developer Tools and Inspect Elements:




Open Developer Tools and Inspect Elements:


Note: The shortcuts above are the same on Firefox.

Reference: Chrome Dev Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Thanks @mark-piller and @Causality!

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Hi @James_Hereford To expand on what @mark-piller said, I sometimes use Get Object Keys to understand what resides in data models, and then go from there. First step would be simple button:

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Thanks! I’ll try this out too