Segment in push template

in push notification template i giving the command :
deviceId = ‘C6387979-D7CB-4D20-8030-2BF529A64A15’
for segment push
if i run in console, i can find it
but if i run it on push notification template it’s giving 0 devices

Have you checked in the DeviceRegistration table if you have an object with deviceId which equals that value? If you did, please attach a screenshot confirming that.

the device can be found in the deviceRegistration table:

but when I use push notification template I see 0 devices after saving

I just did exactly the same in your app, it found 6 devices:

try to go further and save my friend.
you will be surprised

Hello @zeev-mindalie9,
If you send a message with this push template, does it get delivered to a proper device? I’m trying to narrow down the scope, since it seems to be merely a UI problem.

if I sending to channel, all the devices registered to the channel getting it.
for a specific device, it not sending

I guess by sending to channel and for a specific device you mean two different API calls, do you? Could you please specify both of these API calls?

hi sergay, I doing them both from the console
I want to use them in codeless

Are you using this SEND NOW button to test from console?

How exactly do you make it send to a channel and separately to a specific device?

yes, this is how I can check before moving to codeless

When you push the SEND NOW button, is there a 0 or a correct number of devices above it? Could you try refreshing the page (F5) so that the number is updated to a correct one and try sending again?

I putting the deviceID=‘C03DBEEC-74DA-40CB-8E6A-9A23608DC68C’
after save it’s 0
before save it’s 3

This I could reproduce and already redirected it to our QA to verify and create an internal issue.
What if after after save it's 0 you refresh the page? In my case, after refresh the counter became correct again, and I suppose the push then will be delivered correctly.

Hi zeev
we can reproduce the issue, we will fix it asap and notify you here about result
ticket number for reference is BKNDLSS-17931

The problem has been fixed and we will release it when our quality assurance engineer verify it