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Select a picture from the device

Hi there,

how can one select a picture from the device library. E.g., I use an iPhone and would like to select a picture from the Photo app and upload the picture into my app.

Thank you and best regards

Hello @Joerg_Refeld

Please read this documentation. It describes the methods you should use to upload files.

Also, you can download a ready-made solution for the SDK you need in the Code Generation section.


Hello Inna,

thank you for the prompt response and the solutions. Not sure if I didn’t express myself in sufficient detail. E.g.,to add a picture on a profile page I was looking for this kind of workflow:

  • click a button in my app
  • the pictures on my device are shown
  • I select one
  • it gets uploaded into my app (and is the new profile picture)

Is that possible? And if, how?

Alternatively, can I take a picture from within the app?

With the solution you suggested a few additional are necessary to add a picture to the profile page.

Thank you and best regards

Please clarify, you specified UI-builder in the topic name. Are you going to make your application using UI-builder?