Select Form Item - text-wrap

I have long strings of text that I am trying to utilize in a Select Form item in UI Builder. The issue is that my text gets cut off on the dropdown. I have created an extension to allow scrolling of the menu item to view the entire text (as follows below) but it is not ideal.

.MuiMenuItem-root {
overflow: scroll;

Is there a way to manipulate the text in the menu item to apply text wrap? I can’t seem to drill down far enough to manipulate the display of the text itself. Thanks for any insight you may have!

Hello @Curtis_Preik,

could you please attach a screenshot showing your issue?


Here you go @stanislaw.grin . Thanks!

Hello @Curtis_Preik

You can use

.bl-select-option {
  white-space: unset;

But it will apply to every “select” component on your pages.
We should improve the “select” component to add an individual class name for the menu


Thank you! Works perfectly.