Select geo-location by pin and add to database


Is it possible to display a map, click on it to add a pin, then add the pin location points to the database? I’m trying to add the location points when creating a new job site record, but don’t know if it’s possible in the backendless map component, or I have to manually add a pin to Google Maps and get the points from that?

Hello @Rob_Dawson,

We are looking into your question. We will notify you when it will be ready.


Thanks @Zahar_Mychka , I look forward to it as it’s an important part of the process I’m implementing.


Hello @Rob_Dawson

You could try Leaflet or Mapbox custom components.

They have a needed event. Also, you could check the documentation first, to determine which will match your need better.

Regards, Dima.

Thanks @Dima_Vak1

Both of these options seem to be able to do what I’m looking for. I’ll give them a try and see how it goes, but they certainly look promising initially.