Selected wrong plan

hi. my tral plan is going to expire tonight and i wanted to choose cloud 9 so i chose cloud 99 by mistake and its my first time paying it. i need help cancelling cloud 99 and activate cloud 9 please help

Switch to Cloud9, the system will calculate a prorated difference, if you do it today, we may be able to refund the difference. Let us know your app id though.

here ismy App ID 96F1E616-A8F6-6956-FF16-5D9FCECD9B00.
I did try to switch and this is the message i get “You will be downgraded to the Cloud 9 at the end of your current billing period on Mon Jun 05 2023 14:57:59 GMT-0200 (GMT-02:00)”

Our system shows that the transaction for Cloud99 didn’t go through. I switched your app to Cloud99 and modified the balance to $35. The system will attempt to process the charge again tomorrow. If it fails, the app will be blocked for non-payment.


Ok thank you very much for you help I appriciate it